Sunday, October 26, 2008


From the redoubtable G.W. Thomas, affectionately known as the King Kull of the Cariboo, comes Dark Worlds #2, the most exciting genre-magazine you can buy!

The second issue of DARK WORLDS, a quarterly magazine of "Pulp-descended" fiction, featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, mystery, sword and sorcery, mystery, suspense, action-adventure tales illustrated in the old Pulp manner. This issue features "The Lords of the Bitter Dark" (Sword & Sorcery) by Joel Jenkins, "Voices" (Mystery) by Nick Andreychuk, "Cauldron of Life, Blades of Death" (Historical Fantasy)by David A. Hardy, "River Baby Weeps" (Horror) by Joshua Reynolds, "Trick Candles" (Horror)by Stephen D. Rogers, "The Clatter of Dry Bones" (Mythos)by Jack Mackenzie, "One Man's Trash" (Space Opera)by C. J. Burch and a review of J. F. Gonzalez's novel SHAPESHIFTER with an interview with the author. Illustrations by M. D. Jackson, Aaron Siddell and G. W. Thomas. Cover by M. D. Jackson.

Dark Worlds is a collaborative effort of writers & artists from across the spectrum of the weird & wild. My part is a Sword & Sorcery tale set in Dark Ages Britain; grab a seat at the Round Table. Watch out for the other diners though. -Dave Hardy