Sunday, January 01, 2012

GLENN LORD 1931-2011

I heard the very sad news that Glenn Lord passed away yesterday, December 31, 2011. If you don't know who Glenn Lord is, he was the literary agent for the Robert E. Howard estate for many years starting back in the 1950s. Though he left that role long ago, what he did as agent had a huge and wonderful effect on REH fandom. Glenn worked hard to see all of REH's work met publication, not just Conan.

Glenn collected and published REH's poetry, his boxing stories, the tales of El Borak, REH's horror tales & Westerns, REH's tall-tale Westerns, tales of Breckenridge Elkins, Dennis Dorgan, Black Vulmea, Dark Agnes, Cormac MacArt, Kirby O'Donnell, Bran Mak Morn, Skull-Face, Black Turlough, Steve Allison, and more. Some of the stories Glenn shepherded to publication are among REH's bes: "Worms of the Earth," "Pigeons from Hell," "Marchers of Valhalla," "Gods of Bal-Sagoth," and the controversial "Black Canaan." Glenn edited the long-running 'zine The Howard Collector. Some of the best (only some, for "best" is relative amid such an opulence of riches as was assembled in the Collector) was collected in paperbacks such as The Book of Robert E. Howard and the The Second Book of Robert E. Howard.

This was the lifeblood of REH fandom. Robert E. Howard is a major inspiration for my writing, and Glenn enriched my enjoyment and understanding of REH's achievements incalculably. He was gracious and helpful to fans and researchers.

I was fortunate enough to meet Glenn at Howard Days in Cross Plains years ago. I was a gushing fan. He was courteous and kind. Later that same weekend we chatted a bit, we didn't talk about Conan or De Camp or the history of REH publishing, but East Texas towns and Houston traffic. Glenn had a life outside of fandom. He served his country in the Korean War, as other generations of the Lord family have served in more recent conflicts.  He was a quiet man, given to brief and occasionally blunt statements, but with warm, good humor.

I count myself lucky to have been able to thank Glenn for all he did for REH fandom. I last saw him at his eightieth birthday party in November, surrounded by generations of his loving family.

Thanks Glenn. I'll miss you.

-Dave Hardy


Charles Gramlich said...

A moving tribute to a great man. Glenn will be missed

Old Tiger Press said...

I am very glad I was there for Glenn's birthday, and that I chose to sit with you and your family.
Everyone had a good time, especially Glenn.

Dave Hardy said...

It was good to see you at Glenn's birthday too, Dennis. I was glad to get the family there as well.

I was looking at your tribute book, I like the way you put it, "Uncle Glenn." Like you say Charles, Glenn was a great man. He'll be missed, but his work will live on.

Chris Gruber said...

Thanks, Dave. I was shocked to hear the news yesterday. I am still in shock.