Monday, December 11, 2006


I have some good news and bad news regarding some projects.

The good news is about Flashshot. Flashshot is micro-fiction delivered daily through your email. When I say micro, I mean it. All stories are one hundred words or less. The tale might be a joke, an anecdote, a prose poem, or a 100-word epic about the rise and fall of galactic civilization. There are werewolves, housewives, hard-boiled PIs, lovers, and aliens in these tiny tales. It is the perfect complement to your morning routine.

I have three little tales that I call the “Heads Up Trilogy” coming out. On Dec 18th you’ll receive “A Visit to the Caucasus, 1839”. On Jan 14th “Did We Budget for Two?” is up and on Jan 29th “Professional Rivalry” comes out. For the full listing of stories and authors go to:

To sign up just send an e-mail asking to subscribe. The contact info is at:

General info about submissions is at:

On a sad note, RAGEMachine Books, is defunct (see the note at, which is stilla ctive and chock full of interesting stuff). I’m very proud of my association with G.W. Thomas. He will continue with his many informational websites and I look forward to seeing his excellent fiction in new markets. Thanks for all the support and good luck Gary!

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