Saturday, February 10, 2007


I have some announcements on exciting writing from yours truly that will be coming to a high-class publication near you soon.

First up my story “The Black Curse of the Noose” will be appearing in Black Sails, and anthology of pirate stories published by 1018 Press. Other tales lined up for the collection include "The Ghost Ship" by Charles Edward, "The Death of Captain Eugene Bloodcake and the Fall of The Horrid Whore" by Joel A. Sutherland (ultra-cool title!), and a special appearance by Washington Irving ("The Storm-Ship"). I’m pretty stoked as this will be my first appearance in an anthology rather than a periodical. “Noose” is a tale of piracy on the high seas and the difficulty of escaping justice when one has committed great crimes. Look for Black Sails in May, 2007.

Also I will have an essay appearing soon in The Cimmerian, the premier magazine of Robert E. Howard scholarship and fandom. It’s a short piece on a gift given to young REH that had a very big impact on his life. It was the Arabian Nights, one of the world’s most influential collections of fairy tales and adventure stories ever written. Robert Irwin (in The Arabian Nights, a Companion) makes the argument that its impact on modern literature is deep and significant. Certainly it influenced top-level Weird Tales writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, as well as noted pulp writers Edmond Hamilton, E. Hoffman Price, and Jack Williamson to name a few.

For news and discussion forums on 1018 Press go to You can visit the excellent blog on The Cimmerian’s website at, where you’ll find lively and informative commentary by writers such as Leo Grin, Steve Tompkins, Rob Rhoem, and Mark Finn.
-Dave Hardy


Sam Hawken said...

Dave, thanks for the kind words about Black Sails. My co-editor and I really do hope to put together a smashing collection of stories, yours among them.

Keep on writing!

Dave Hardy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing th final result!

As for writing more,it's time to make some coffee and hit the keyboard again.

Jordan Lapp said...

Hi Dave,

Looks like we're sharing a Toc. My story, "The Siren's Lure" is also appearing in Black Sails.