Thursday, October 04, 2007


The lovely and talented Mrs. Dave has begun a new blog: Joy Girl Commando, a compendium of politics, economics, personal enlightenment, and kultur. It’s the sort of place where Murray Rothbard can hang out with Norman Saunders. The all-TRUE details of hitherto secret libertarian missions behind statist lines will be revealed (Hamsters Ripped My Flesh! Soft Flesh for the DMV’s House of Agony! Pagan Cult Worships my Impounded 1978 El Camino! Sin-Crazed Coeds are Ruining the Adirondacks!).

Feel free to wander on by and drop a comment or two. The boys over at Total Information Awareness want to know how you’re feeling today. They’d love to have you in for a chat, but all the water-boarding stations are booked through next Thursday. Joy Girl Commandos do advocate the use of torture, but only for recreational purposes (the safe word is “Quraysh”, Mr. al-Hajj). Meanwhile peruse the magazines in the lobby (Soldier of Fortune, Woman’s World, Pravda, Highlights), the Joy Girl will be with you shortly.

Vote early and often kiddies!


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll drop by. I ordered the sequel to "through darkest America" but haven't gotten it yet.

Dave Hardy said...

Thanks! JGC is intended to be sort of a black humor & politcs blog. It's mostly Julie's gig.

I just finished "Demons of Chitrakut" by Ashok Banker. He's good. It's book 3 in his re-telling of the Ramayna epic. They are long, but the story goes places.

Michael said...

Not only is "Fire and Sword" a really cool name for a blog, the blog looks pretty cool too. I like it.

I checked out Joy Girl Commando (which, by the way, is an even cooler name), and that was nice too.

I'll make sure to stop by again!

Dave Hardy said...

Thanks very much, Michael! Fire & Sword is mostly book & moive reviews while Joy Girl Commando is a little more politics and commentary.

See you around!