Saturday, March 28, 2009


By Karl Edward Wagner

Kane, the original killer, undertakes his most audacious exploit as he manipulates tow warlike kingdoms while dallying with an alien force of awesome power. The stakes are no less than world domination. Yet Karl Edward Wagner never loses sight of the human dimension, balancing Kane with Teres, and outrageous lesbian Amazon-warrior princess who grows in a way few cliché Sword & Sorcery characters are ever allowed to. This classic fantasy adventure novel deserves to be back in print along with KEW’s other Kane stories.

-Dave Hardy


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a fine book, although it's actually my least favorite of the Kane books. That doesn't mean I didn't like it. I did very much. But I thought the others were even more awesome.

Dave Hardy said...

As I've said, I was a bit cold on Dark Crusade, but Bloodstone & Darkness Weaves had me gripped. I haven't read Night Winds yet. Or actually any of KEW's horror. Any suggestions on where to start?