Saturday, February 06, 2010

Coming features

First off what's new:

"Demons of the Dark Sun" is online at Sorcerous Signals. It's by the multi-talented Mitch Allen. I say multi since there are two writers at work here. If you like Pre-Colombian America and Sword & sorcery this is up your alley. Coyotl the Chcihimec is a ttribal warrior who meets the Aztec empire. There are more of Coyotl's adventures waiting to be told.

Next what's ready to order:

El Borak and other Desert Adventures is available from Del Rey. If you don't know about this. El Borak is the nom de guerre of Francis Gordon, a Texas gunslinger who has migrated to the Wild East. Instead of outlaws and Apaches, the stories about Afghans, Central Asian bandits, psycopathic fascists, and Lost Cities in the Hindu Kush. It's not exactly Indiana Jones, these tales more like hard-boiled Westerns in the Near East.

Finally, what's on the horizon:

The Early Adventures of El Borak from the REH Foundation collects the early efforts of Howard to write El Borak Stories. This set of fragments and juvenalia is for collectors and REH scholars. Also collected are the early Sonora Kid fragments, ranging from domestic drama to Westerns.


-Dave Hardy

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