Wednesday, June 15, 2011


By E. Howard Hunt

This is a decent little thriller by E. Howard Hunt. Hunt is much better known for his role as a CIA agent and Watergate conspirator. In fact that seems to be the selling point the publisher banked on in this 1973 Fawcett re-print.

The yarn is about a suave ex-CIA agent and dedicated patriot named Tnuh Drawoh E, sorry, Conroy, who just wants to mind his own business but keeps getting yanked into other people’s wacky conspiracies. Ain’t life like that. Anyway, Conroy has to sort out moles and back-stabbers inside the moribund world of anti-Castro Cubans. It’s a pretty good yarn and kept my interest up to the end. Rather than dedicated freedom-fighters the Cubans are rather seedy and a trifle whacked. There are no Commie super-spies, just guys out to get what they can. Idealism takes a beating. Where Murder Waits is worth a look.
-Dave Hardy

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