Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dark Worlds #6 is now available, you can buy it online from the usual sources. There's lots & lots of cool stuff from RAGE MAchine Books, including Flashshot, Masters of Adventure , Swords of Fire, & much more!

Here's a quick run down of DW #6:

The sixth issue of Dark Worlds Magazine is our All-Fantasy Issue featuring "The Mourning Edge of Iron" by Everette Bell as its lead novella. Also included are "Urnos and the Sea Demon of Calia" by Martin Edward Stephenson, "Black Kurgan" by David A. Hardy, "The Slaughter Flock" by Joshua Reynolds, "The Remnant Band" by Joel Jenkins, "the Changeling's Gift" by Jack Mackenzie, "Black God's Burden" by G. W. Thomas, and "Nn Sum Qualis Eram" by Peter J. Welmerink. Illustrations by M. D. Jackson, G. W. Thomas and Aaron Siddall. Cover by M. D. Jackson.

My piece is a historical adventure/Sword & Sorcery tale set on the Cossack steppes of the 1500s.  I wanted to do a bit of homage to Conan & Khlit the Cossack at the same time.


Also, you can find the Ernie Award nominee Unspeakable Oath #20 coming soon in print & PDF. UO is a Call of Cthulhu gaming magazine, the new issue includes my article (with assistance of the able Adam Scott Glancy) on the Order of the Assassins, giving their history & ways to incorporate them into a CoC game. I am super-impressed by the artwork, cover & interior. Unspeakable Oath is one of the best looking magazines around, right up there with REH: Two-gun Raconteur.

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